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We help you scale your clothing brand.

We are a agency that specialises in growing clothing brands with Facebook and Instagram ads!

ABOUT Poseidon marketing

Poseidon Marketing was founded in 2019 by Harry Towlson a previous clothing brand owner. We are a unique marketing agency who specialise in clothing brands. We help scale brands to 7 & 8 figure while creating and running profitable facebook and instagram ads. Priding ourselves on having high return on ad spend. We are a results based agency and are waiting to skyrocket your clothing brand now.

                 meet the Founder

Harry Towlson

My name is Harry Towlson and I am a Facebook ads strategist specialising within the fashion industry. I help clothing brands to scale up their clothing business at that pace that is suited to them using the skills and knowledge I have built up over the last 4 years. Since a young age I have immersed myself within the fashion industry by firstly becoming a streetwear blogger and then going into a partnership with my sister and running a clothing line (see in picture). I could tell you that it was the greatest thing I have done so far in my life and it is, however what they don’t tell you is that your first businesses never really goes to plan. It’s tough, hard and you are constantly trying to learn everything at a million miles per hour. But never did I underestimate the power and knowledge it would give me. It made me dig deep into the understanding of customers and how they worked, what made them want to buy. I worked day and night working out how to use Facebook Ads and 4 years later it’s like second nature to me. I went from looking at my dashboard at £0 sales to 6 figures within ONE year. I became so good at Facebook ads that owners of other brands started commenting on my results. I realised that this was something that I wanted pursue full time, and therefore I transferred to be a consultant specialising in Facebook ads for fashion brands. The knowledge that I gained from running my own brand made my connection with my clients stronger, because I understood how their business was structured. I don’t just run your ads and get you a high ROI, I understand what you need to do in order have a sustainable long lasting brand that can dominate the industry. 

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